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Joseph Carpenter Visits Local High School to Teach Financial Literacy

April 04, 2023

Joseph Carpenter Visits Local High School to Teach Financial Literacy

Local financial advisor and co-owner of Carpenter Financial Services Joe Carpenter returns to his alma mater, Bishop McCort Catholic High School, on March 13, 2023 to educate students about budgeting, credit and debt, housing, college planning and additional personal finance topics.

Johnstown-based firm Carpenter Financial Services has sponsored financial literacy coursework at Bishop McCort since the fall of 2021 from Ramsey Education’s “Foundations in Personal Finance” curriculum. The course teaches young people the basics of saving, spending, and healthy habits in money management. More than five million students across the country have been exposed to the financial literacy curriculum to fulfill academic requirements in mathematics, economics and other related subjects. This March, Carpenter returns to Bishop McCort to speak directly to the school’s students, and he plans to continue this course each academic year.

“Our young people face more complex financial decisions than ever,” Carpenter said. “So, it’s critical to start building their knowledge early in order for smart decisions to have ample time to pay off.”

Substantial debt in the areas of credit cards, car loans, student loans and residential mortgages make financial literacy a timely and essential skill to integrate into classrooms. Proactive education can prevent mistakes and help people avoid life-altering consequences, which can take years to repair.

“This is an amazing opportunity for our students in preparing for their financial future.” said Jack Bassett, Teacher at Bishop McCort Catholic High School. 

Tom Smith, Principal and CAO at Bishop McCort stated, “We are extremely fortunate to have Alumni such as Mr. Carpenter, who continue to support our students through providing professional guidance.“

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