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Joe Carpenter Joins GBU Financial Life Producer Advisory Council

December 28, 2023

Joseph A. Carpenter, CRPC® CFS® CSA, FRCSM, co-owner of Carpenter Financial Services, joined GBU’s Producer Advisory Council (PAC). GBU is a member-owned, not-for-profit life insurance and annuities company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.

The PAC consists of GBU’s top producers who earned a position with the group due to their high-achieving performance. These Council members are distribution partners who work closely with GBU management on current and future organization plans and directions. They are trusted people who are committed to helping GBU set the bar for the life insurance and annuity industry.

"I am truly honored to be a part of the Council,” said Joe Carpenter. “This opportunity not only reflects the trust and confidence placed in me, but it also signifies a commitment to collaborative leadership and the pursuit of excellence. I look forward to contributing my skills and passion to an even more successful organization."

GBU Senior Vice President/CMO Lesley Mann comments: "Having Joe as a member is more than just adding a name to the roster; it's an infusion of fresh perspectives and untapped potential. I am confident that his enthusiasm, dedication and unique contributions will not only elevate our team but also enrich the vibrant tapestry of the industry.”

About GBU Financial Life

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, GBU Life is a member-owned, fraternal benefit society founded in 1892 to help members secure their futures, build their legacies and impact their communities. Today, GBU members still share the same goals–financial protection and giving back to people and causes that matter most to them. Day-to-day and long-term, GBU Life’s focus remains squarely on maintaining the exceptional financial health that inspires trust and confidence among its members. For more information, visit GBU Life is the marketing name for GBU Financial Life. Products are issued by GBU Financial Life (GBU). GBU is not affiliated with Carpenter Financial Services.